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The founders of Gameonet. 

Stefani Longshamp
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Corbin Huggins

Corbin Huggins is the driving force and the founding member behind Gameonet. He has been a passionate filmmaker since he was a young child. With his unique filmmaking style, Corbin has created a wide range of award-winning films and television series.

His work has been praised for its creative and humorous storytelling. Specializing in comedy, Corbin has developed a knack for finding the funny in everyday situations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for comedy, Corbin continues to make audiences laugh.

Corbin Huggins also works full time as a professional visual effects artist working on several films, shorts, commercials and music videos in the industry.

Corbin Huggins

Corbin Huggins

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Max Reinert
Nicholas Lasley

Nicholas Lasley is a talented screen writer and director who focuses primarily in comedy. He’s one of the original members of Gameonet. With a rich background in screenwriting, Nicholas is passionate about telling stories that make people laugh and think. His films have been featured in countless festivals and have won numerous awards. If you're looking for a unique yet powerful narrative, Nicholas and Gameonet are the perfect choice.